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1983 Anatoly Kroll Trio, USSR-film "My iz dzhaza" ("We are from a Jazz Band")

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Anatoly KrollAnatoly Kroll - one of the most famous and prestigious conductors, composers and pianists of Russia's jazz and pop. Graduated from the Chelyabinsk Musical College Tchaikovsky (1956-1959 gg.) On piano. Having started his professional career quite early years (15 years) as a pianist and leader of pop bands in the Chelyabinsk Philharmonic (1959), . Ulyanovsk Philharmonic (1960), . AO Kroll became the youngest at that time conductor - musical director of the State Variety Orchestra of Uzbekistan (1960-1962 gg.), which served as soloists extremely popular at the time the singers Batyr Zakirov, . Louise Zakirova and other.

In 1963, Mr.. A. Kroll creates Philharmonic Tula his famous jazz orchestra, . which in the last 7 years of its existence, has published many such well-known jazz musicians today, . a trumpeter Guseinov, . saxophonists A. Pistchikov, . Grigoriev, . R. Kunsman, . drummer I. Yurchenko, . bass Martynov, . trombonists A. Shabashov and B. Budarin and many others, . as well as solo vocalist Valentina Ponomareva (now the People's Artist of Russia), . Vladimir Makarov (now the Honored Artist of Russia).

Sensational performance was recognized at the first International Jazz Festival in Tallinn in 1967. jazz quartet A. Kroll, where he was brilliantly acted as soloist pianist. This bright jazz ensemble received several awards laureatskih: A. Pistchikov - as the best saxophonist of the festival, A. Kroll - as the best pianist, but in general, the quartet - as the best jazz ensemble. Speech quartet A. Kroll at the First International Jazz Festival, Tallinn-67 was shown on CT and subsequently recorded on the records. Orchestra A. Kroll Philharmonic Tula called jazz University, which dreamed to get musicians and singers throughout the country, and many of them have graduated from its "excellent".

His personal kind of “trademark” became a brief  and capacious statement “I am from jazz”. Which, of course, not only reflects the success of Karen Shakhnazarov film “We are from jazz” (1983),  to his music with SOVREMENNIK band, but his entire creative biography as well, combining harmoniously a unique gift of composer and tutor of the whole generation of amazing talents.

As if following UNESCO’s guidelines of “life-long learning”  he,  at the age of 70, does not complete, but continues  musical and educational activities in the Gnesin Academy of music, conducting “Academic Band”, which is inscribed well in the music spontaneity of our life. Its leader responded in a heartfelt manner to UNESCO’s appeal to participate actively in celebrating “International Jazz Day” on 30 April  and organized in the Academy an amazing five hour jazz marathon “All the Colours of Moscow Jazz”, implementing in a way Saulsky’s idea to create “Moscow Jazz Book”, which is yet to be materialized.

1983 USSR-picture "My iz dzhaza" ("We are from a Jazz Band" / "Wir vom Jazz"), dir. Karen Shakhnazarov with Anatoly Kroll (p) & his Jazz Trio from his Orch: unident. item;a famous "Kult"-film in West-Germany" of the 1980s.

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