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  • Снуки Янг

    Снуки Янг Snooky YoungСнуки Янг начал играть на трубе в возрасте пяти лет и в юности был участником местных бэндов. В конце 1930-х годов он стал известен в кругу профессионалов и был принят в оркестр Джимми Лансфорда. Позже выступал в составе оркестров Каунта Бэйси (1942), Лайонела Хэмптона (1943—1944), Бенни Картера (1944), Джеральда Уилсона (1945); возвратился к Каунту Бэйси (1946—1947), а через два года организовал собственную группу, с которой давал концерты в Дейтоне в течение десяти лет. В 1957 году Бэйси уговорил Снуки вернуться в оркестр, где тот играл до 1962 года. Позже работал главным образом в нью-йоркских студиях, а с 1972 года в Лос-Анджелесе.

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  • Drum Legend Narada Michael Walden To Release New Full Length Album "Evolution" On Tarpan Records

    Drum Legend Narada Michael WaldenTarpan Records is pleased to announce the international release of Evolution the upcoming full-length album by Narada Michael Walden releasing on October 30th 2015. The albums’ first single, Billionaire On Soul Street, which was released on August 14th, 2015 and the forthcoming album represent a change of direction for Narada, one that brings him back to his roots in Dance and Club Music, Funk and Soul. The first single was, and full-length album will be released on Narada’s own imprint, Tarpan Records.

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  • Snooky Young

    Snooky YoungEugene "Snooky" Young took up the trumpet at the age of five and first began to make a name for himself as the lead trumpeter of the Jimmie Lunceford band from 1939 to 1942. He briefly joined Count Basie in 1942, and moved on to the bands of Lionel Hampton and Gerald Wilson before re-joining Basie from 1945 to 1947, and again from 1957 until 1962. Upon leaving Basie, Young became a studio trumpeter at NBC, was a founding member of the Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Orchestra in 1966, and was constantly in demand for all kinds of sessions (including a live, recorded New Year's Eve gig with the rock group the Band in 1971). While at NBC in New York, he was a member of the Tonight Show Orchestra, moving to Los Angeles with the show in 1972 and holding down his chair until 1992, when Johnny Carson's departure broke up the band. Young kept busy in the L.A. area, appearing regularly as a lead trumpeter in several big bands including appearances with the Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra. The self-effacing Young issued only three albums under his own name, and of these, only Horn of Plenty (Concord) featured Young as the sole headliner. In 2009, Young was named a jazz master by the National Endowment for the Arts. He passed away in 2011 due to complications from a lung disease. He was 92.

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  • В новой Legends Series выпустят редкие записи Эллы Фицджеральд

    Ella FitzgeraldПоклонники Эллы Фицджеральд (Ella Fitzgerald) вскоре смогут снова услышать несравненный свинг знаменитой вокалистки.

    Dot Time Records объявила о запуске серии «Легенды» (Legends series), в которой будет выпускать ранее не издававшиеся записи икон джаза.

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  • Bobby McFerrin

    Bobby McFerrinThe son of opera singers (his father was the first black man to perform regularly with the Metropolitan Opera), Bobby McFerrin was born in New York City. In 1958 his family moved to Los Angeles. McFerrin attended Sacramento State University and Cerritos College, but dropped out to play piano for the Ice Follies. Over the next few years, he played keyboard with lounge acts and for dance troupes. In 1977 McFerrin decided, suddenly, to become a singer. "I was in a quiet moment when a simple thought just came into my head: ‘Why don’. you sing?’ It was as simple as that, but it must have had some force behind it because I acted on it immediately," he explained to Bourne. He sang with various bands and was eventually discovered by singer Jon Hendricks. While on tour with Hendricks, McFerrin was again discovered—this time by comedian Bill Cosby.

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  • Легенда фанк-фьюжн - группа The Headhunters (США) даст концерты в 12 городах России

     С 24 сентября по 10 октября в России пройдут гастроли легендарной фьюжн-группы The Headhunters. В её нынешнем составе, который посетит Россию — ветеран самого первого состава группы 1973 г. Билл Саммерс (перкуссия, вокал) и барабанщик Майк Кларк, который играл с «Охотниками за головами» начиная с их второго альбома (1974), а также альт-саксофонист Дональд Харрисон-мл., чьё сотрудничество с группой началось в 1990-е. Состав довершают молодые музыканты —  клавишник Стивен Гордон и басист Пэт Кейси. Тур проходит при поддержке Посольства США в РФ.

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  • Bill Doggett

    Bill DoggettWilliam Ballard Doggett was born February 16, 1916, on the north side of Philadelphia. At age nine, Doggett was attracted to the trumpet, but his family could not afford one. Bill's mother, Wynona, was a church pianist and his inspiration. Within a few years, he switched to the piano and was hailed as a child prodigy by the time he was thirteen. At fifteen, he formed his first combo, the Five Majors. While attending Central High School, he found work playing in the pit orchestra at the Nixon Grand theater with the Jimmy Gorman Band.

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  • Randy Brecker to Release Album of Pop Covers

    Randy BreckerRandy Brecker will release a new album, RandyPOP!, on the Piloo label on Sept. 18. The live recording features what the trumpeter calls “de-ranged” versions of nine pop, rock and R&B songs whose original versions —recorded by such artists as Bruce Springsteen, James Brown, Donald Fagen and Paul Simon—featured Brecker. The new arrangements are by Kenny Werner, who contributes keyboards. Also featured are David Sanchez (tenor saxophone), Adam Rogers (guitar), John Patitucci (bass), Nate Smith (drums) and vocalist (and daughter) Amanda Brecker. The album was recorded at the Blue Note Jazz Club in New York, and was produced by Werner, Brecker and Jeff Levenson.

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