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Best Smooth Jazz with host Rod Lucas (6th July 2013)

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Hi Smooth Groovers,

Here's another not for profit - commercial free Best Smooth Jazz radio show host by Rod Lucas from Tower Bridge London. This video is subject to a copyright dispute between me and UMG music over a track I played from Oscar Peterson. They are threatening to delete the soundtrack to this video because I played "Summertime" by Oscar Peterson. Why they would want to stop younger people from hearing this great artist, I have no idea. Folly in indeed. Peterson is a worldwide treasure and no one company should deny his talent from being enjoyed. I hope the mute of thiis video is lifted.

Legal Copyright Notice from Rod Lucas

Best Smooth Jazz is a 'not for profit' radio program from London UK that features the Smooth Jazz genre. Please look upon this claim sympathetically in terms of Fair Usae "This video is fair use under U.S. copyright law because it is noncommercial and transformative in nature, uses no more of the original than necessary, and has no negative effect on the market for the original work." The show promotes Smooth Jazz and the artist recordings featured in it.I also pay PRS&PPL music authority music royalties worldwide. So artists get paid for the music featured.

The commercial free program claims "Fair usage " (copyright law EU/USA) of all musical works featured by;

1) changing the original form (transforming) of musical works by the host thus changing their original form.
2) reviewing items played and commenting on them expanding and enhancing the original material.
3) creating added value for the art form used either new and older works.
4) alerting the audience to new works by new artists and informing younger listeners to older material featured on Best Smooth Jazz.
5) promoting the art form of Smooth Jazz and supporting new artists by exposing their talent in a restricted broadcast market world-wide.
6) exposing these musical works BSJ helps artists, record companies&music publishers by creating more sales.
7) criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research into items used.
8) Playing selected tracks are featured from the whole album CD works.
9) improving the market for the original work.
10) making Best Smooth Jazz not for profit and commercial free
11) making tracks unavailable to be download by audience in whole or part.
12) Making the musical works transformative in nature

13) Moreover playing this video on a mobile device (where it is currently blocked) is also fair use as there are no legal distinctions between PC's or mobile devices under US copyright law.
14) Adding educational value to the work providing more information related to the musical work.

Many Smooth Jazz artists have little or no exposure and thus Smooth Jazz is niche, not main stream. Best Smooth Jazz improves the market of the original work and can only help the record companies and interested parties to gain sales by the reviews and exposure Best Smooth Jazz brings these new and older works.

Licensed by PRS&PPL (UK)

I believe this is non for profit "Fair Use" Best Smooth Jazz -- London.
Rod Lucas (host and owner )2013

London UK

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