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David Benoit - Musicians with Attitude (HD)

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ever wondered how smooth jazz started? then listen to this track 'n listen closely 2 the musical notes 'n chords legendary david benoit used then 'n compare it to now.... this was the smooth jazz wave in late 80's early 90's.

MWA or Musicians with Attitude is a perfect example of that... When you hear it, you're transported to a time when the cross-transfer between Jazz and R&B, Jam and Funk eventully became one: Contemporary Jazz.

This change and even the recognition of smoth Jazz wouldn't have been possible not been for big names in jazz circles, names like David Benoit (here), Bob James, Joe Sample, Grover Washington, and many many others who truly believed in this important vision, had the conviction that change is necessary even especially in music... they actually took a chance on their work, career even reputation because they believed in something they must absolutley do!

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