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Enver Izmaylov & Bolatov Ruslan - RETURN

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Enver Izmailovİzmaylov does not pluck the strings, but uses jazz tapping - an original technique of electric guitar playing when a musician plays with both hands on the neck by tapping on the strings with his finger-tips, as if it were a keyboard. He developed this technique to a climax simultaneously with, but not knowing of Stanley Jordan. Emmett Chapman developed a similar technique in the late 1960s.

İzmaylov's music is an original blend of mainstream jazz, Crimean Tatar, Turkish, Uzbek and Balkan folk music and classical music. Many of his pieces are composed in time signatures which are not standard in classical music, but are common in Balkan music and Central Asian music, such as 5/8, 7/8, 9/8, 11/8, 11/16 and 13/16.

İzmaylov has toured extensively in Russia, Ukraine and Europe and has participated in several cross-cultural projects in Eastern Europe. He was the first-prize winner of the First European International Guitarist Competition. Enver İzmaylov was voted for the Musician Of The Year 1995 by the Ukrainian music critics.

One night in 1944 on the orders of Stalin, the Crimean Tatar population were resettled in the eastern part of the USSR. Among them - the family ... So Izmailovs Enver was born in Fergana, Uzbekistan, June 12, 1955, and grew up in difficult circumstances. He, for example, because of poverty could not buy his dream - the accordion. And when he graduated from high school, then, like most other young men, went to work on the construction site, and the sounds he heard were mostly sounds and hammering concrete pile hammer. But once, when he was 14 years old, his uncle brought home a 7-string guitar. And it all started with those three chords sounded very familiar, who played his uncle.

So the young Enver took up the guitar, beginning this love story of a lifetime. Play was not as difficult as he thought, and he soon played "Street Songs" and folk motifs that people in these places were singing or want to hear. He must have a lot of wandering around the city, grasping all the necessary musical knowledge of multicultural and multinational Soviet Union of that period - it was sort of Fergana Bazaar Music. Another fluke was that he was sent to study at a driving school. As a result, he retrained from working at a construction site in a truck driver, trucker and loneliness he brightened his constant companion - guitar.

One day he met with the teacher playing the domra, who advised him to study music. But when Enver enrolled in music school teacher wanted him to learn traditional Uzbek musical instruments. Enver initially refused, but eventually found a compromise with them: he began studying bassoon class. Barely finished the first year of training, he was drafted into the army, but, like many musicians in the history of jazz music, was in the military ensemble. In this case - in the Song and Dance Ensemble of the Far Eastern Military District, where he was entrusted with brass.

Enver Izmaylov & Bolatov Ruslan - RETURN.
Compozed by E Izmaylov (dedicated to G Harrison & J lennon)

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