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Enver Izmaylov - Live Concert In Germany

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Enver IzmailovEnver Izmailov - citizen of the world. His repertoire includes countless musical works of different peoples and cultures. Who at least once seen as music is born Enver, who made a discovery of a new guitar music, he understands that striking skill, combined with brilliant originality give birth to music, similar miracle. Enver represents the real miracle.

It is in your head - the eastern and western touch. Adjusts the guitar if he or extracts audio intervals, the intervals that make our breath freeze ... "Legend" («Legend") Izmailov tells the epic story full of dramatic change: "It's a bad story!" And Enver observes, "written in an unusual amount of 5/8 ... if the count, you get this: 22, 223, 22, 223! "

Mischievous pritoptyvanie feet keeps rhythm, melodic-rhythmic figure in modal counterpoint fragmented improvisation based on sound intervals in the low register. Free, almost avant-garde sound overlay layers, as if pouring from the harp, coupled with rhythmic transitions between light and shadow in different notes once again refers to the mischievous protoptyvaniyu feet. And Enver already drumming tempo the same melodic figure, but this time in a different octave.

His right hand on the guitar neck with headless starts tapping percussion, melodic figure fragmented modal improvisation, covering several modes, tension and excitement of growing up to the point of fine resolution, where it makes a welcome accent. Solo on "percussion" should be further and guitar sounds like a skin, like a tree, like the throat of a clay pot - South Indian ghatam. And this time the melody intuitively guessed - it sounds easy, like a butterfly's wings flapping, it slows down and calms down, and then there is an illusion of three guitars sound until, in the end, none appear again mischievous tapping, pulsating rhythm, reminding listeners weave in tapestries. Art modal improvisation seems - second nature Enver and his guitar.

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