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Enver Izmaylov - Nostalgia (solo)

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Enver IzmailovYou never get used to the novelty of an infinite number of variations thereof. "Never Ending Nostalgia" («Never passing nostalgia") - a thoughtful, evocative thing with melodic accents simple pesnepodobnoy harmony, full of longing, drawing a lingering notes and almost Byzantine phrasing typical of Eastern music scene: the cry of the muezzin, passionate voices calling home. Gently, gently, she goes into an oscillating rhythm that ends well, as started.

Enver İzmaylov does not pluck the strings, but uses jazz tapping - an original technique of electric guitar playing when a musician plays with both hands on the neck by tapping on the strings with his finger-tips, as if it were a keyboard. He developed this technique to a climax simultaneously with, but not knowing of Stanley Jordan. Emmett Chapman developed a similar technique in the late 1960s.

İzmaylov's music is an original blend of mainstream jazz, Crimean Tatar, Turkish, Uzbek and Balkan folk music and classical music. Many of his pieces are composed in time signatures which are not standard in classical music, but are common in Balkan music and Central Asian music, such as 5/8, 7/8, 9/8, 11/8, 11/16 and 13/16.

İzmaylov has toured extensively in Russia, Ukraine and Europe and has participated in several cross-cultural projects in Eastern Europe. He was the first-prize winner of the First European International Guitarist Competition. Enver İzmaylov was voted for the Musician Of The Year 1995 by the Ukrainian music critics.

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