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How Important Is Music Theory In Gypsy Jazz? - Gypsy Jazz Secrets

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"Learn How To Play Gypsy Jazz Guitar"

In this series of video lessons I'm answering your questions about playing Gypsy Jazz Guitar.

This weeks question comes from Laura in Glasgow who asks "How important is music theory?"

Simple answer - Not that important.

I find that too many of us get caught up on theory instead of the actual music. Theory is not music. You can't hear theory. Theory doesn't make you feel happy or sad or emotional. Music does!

For sure the best way to learn is just like Django and the gypsies learnt. Without music paper and scales and theory.

We let so much information and clutter bog us down and get in the way of real music. We for some reason love to put theory and written stuff in the way of the notes them selves.

We love to discuss what any given chord could be called instead of just playing it and hearing it for what it is. So much of this brain power could be better spent on channeling the music.

The way students of mine learn best is when they watch my hands and listen. Then imitate what they have just seen.

As long as I've been playing this music I haven't thought much about theory at all. I can recommend letting go of so much of the thoughts that are not actually helping you.

Saying that having a chord chart is handy to show the bass player or to check out a new tune for the first time. Thing is not to rely on that chart and internalize the chord changes as quickly as possible.

That's my feelings on this topic but you know whatever it takes is the rule and if you find a little theory helps then go for it.

I'm simply suggesting that our ears are more powerful and acute than we give them credit for.

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