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How To Start Soloing Fast - Gypsy Jazz Secrets

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"Learn How To Play Gypsy Jazz Guitar"

In this series of video lessons I'm answering your questions about playing Gypsy Jazz Guitar.

This one comes from David in Springfield USA who asks for some "Gypsy Jazz Soloing Tips".

The question of "How To Start Soloing In Gypsy Jazz" is the most common one I get and in this lesson I show you some rock solid and quick ways to get started.

Being playful with the melody is a great and easy way to start your improvisation. Look at it like 'variations on a theme' and play the same melody notes but in a different order. Also play with the rhythm by just using your imagination and try to make it swing. Don't be afraid to repeat a note.

What I also recommend is taking each chord change at a time, like for example Cmajor and E7 as in 'All Of Me'. Look for the good notes over each chord and then practice connecting them. I often loop a chord sequence so I can practice playing smoothly through the changing harmony. This is a good way to move forward and makes sure you're understanding what is going on harmonically.

Use your ear to tell you if it's right or not. There are of course many many ways to improvise, and playing with the melody and rhythm is just the beginning, but for sure a solid and quick way to start.

Take your time and don't rush this process. Your soloing skills will only improve over time when you base them on this rock solid backbone. Have fun and please let me know if you have a question you'd like me to answer for you.

Send your questions to - questions@GypsyJazzSecrets.com.

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