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Michel Legrand Orchestra - (Big Band) I Will Wait for You

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In many guises mainly romantic Legrand's erstwhile theme song is given a Big Band treatment and a corresponding thumbs up from this recalcitrant jazzer. A nod to Stan Kenton as a plangent statement from the trombones sets the mood . Is anything more sonorous than a choir of trombones ?~ Franz Schubert was a "noble trombone " admirer. Less jazzy trombones your musical tipple ? Try ifcopod Serenade from 1956 Vienna Holiday A stylish diverting Legrand album. -- When someone shouts Hey waiter! a Strauss waltz please ~ do you go Oh goody ~ more lilting music from the waltz king. Allow me confide a picayune secret. Had Legrand Vienna Holiday album turned out as yet another conductor going through the Strauss formalities my response would be twofold . One ~ BORING or that oft used colloquialism ~ I'm Outta here ~ not so much against the music though a little Viennese waltz goes a long way. The quibble is the zillionth version paying tribute ~ playing it straight In fact Legrand may be the only arranger taking a tilt at Blue Danube coming out as good as but preferred by Ifcopod to the original . It was to vamoose from staid attitudes some came to the party.Enough musical goodies on board Legrand's Vienna Holiday to divest the most apolaustic muso of apoplectic inclinations ( Hey Ifcopod any chance of a loan of your dictionary?) Music not frothy but flowing string lines wispily evanescing then whaddya know magically reforming . Legrand in charge of magical conjuring ~ artistically tweaked for your discerning if adventurous musical taste ~ Gallic style ~ Am I pushing my luck or risking hyperbolical impeachment naming Vienna Holiday by Legrand my favourite waltzy album?
Back to the business to hand ~ On this outing Legrand sets about treating his musicians to a master class in Big Band writing, ringing the changes en passant.A slowish burner initially ~ ably crafted ~~ tension builder exploiting dynamics and instrumental timbre ~ controlled yet logically shaped moving freely through the band's instrumental sections ~ leading to an inevitable flowering of brass and reeds on the loose. Solos throughout excellent . Interesting to observe Legrand's emotional and technical range morphing his definition romantic song into a first division Big Band outing.~~~You've probably guessed this is one of my favourite Legrand big band arrangements but keep 1962 Lady is a Tramp on standby equally good. A crucial diifference between Legrand and some others. His mind is always on the move. Nelson Riddle had an ideal arrangement then more or less stuck with it. My response yes ~ but. Catching you on the hop is a Legrand trait ~ the more the merrier... Listen to his Silent Night arrangement.(on Ifcopod) Its unexpected tones almost lift the bejasus out of the orchestra. In the gift of another the arrangement risked being monumentally respectful and ~ DULL According to Legrand the big band arrangement you're listening to was the product of a nightmare ~ some nightmare.
A personal lament at one time I had a murky VHS video~ Ifcopod you had many murky videos and even murkier vinyls what became of them? Keen eyed if somewhat amnesiac counsel for the prosecution your forbearance please indulging this hapless music lover ~ The murky referred to concerns the tape quality with Legrand and his musicians buried in the nether quarters of a night club? ~ though the sound was somewhat congested It was this very same arrangement.Legrand dispensing his conducting chores gesturing pointedly to the expectant members of the band ~ a hectic 8 minutes music later ~ the sort you fervent musos love so much. Ifcopod kindly presume nothing. ~ a nano second to spare the maestro plonked down at the piano cool as you like ~for an ambidexterous vocal jazz piano finish. ~ metaphorically speaking ~ reminiscent of Jacques Tati appearing suddenly at an adjoining window in Jour de fete. Now that my friends is as elegant as anything from Miles Davis jazz trumpet . An addendum As I write this I'm thinking after a lifetime of Uncle Tom Cobley's doubtless high class music ogled by solemn punters . Were I to choose a folk type song from the halcyon folk days. the late 1950s and early 1960s ~ numero uno would not be a well meaning but musically so restricted troubadour carrying the burden of humanity instead sunshiney Limeliters with Glenn Yarbrough ~ The Weavers from an earlier generation.. In hindsight the Limeliters better than the monster selling trio from the late 1950s the Kingston.Trio. Check the Kingston Trio sales I kid you not amongst the biggest sellers from the rock n roll era.Yet hardly remembered today.

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