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Q Sound - Duel Citizenship (Short film: Part 1)

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This the first instalment & official music video for my upcoming EP, Duel Citizenship. It was inspired by love, loss and jazz music. The content of this short film will consist of many questions, fears, or predicaments that I've faced in the recent years in learning how to better navigate myself through love. With any true love, there must be some conflict. This conflict is necessary to remind you in the worst of times, why you chose or don’t chose to take this path. This is our journey through a life of love. Jumping into any sort of madness, rushing to conclusions, searching or assuring trust, while fulfilling a cosmic need to feel connected. 

Q Sound is proudly a Thein Trombone performing artiste.


'Duel Citizenship' EP & Jazz Short Film


Director & Video Production: Al Ibrahim
Artwork & Graphic Design: Ghazal Motia
Mixing & Publishing: MVQ Music Publishing
Recorded in Starmount Studio

Session musicians:
Drums: Marion Felder
Bass: Ryland Kelly
Keyboards: Josh Richman
Guitars: Yehuda Manusama
Violin: Christine Yu
Viola: Linda Garrett
Cello: Julie Dessureault

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